about powhatan


The students of Powhatan will be among the highest performing students in BCPS as a result of creating, sustaining, and investing in a culture of deliberate excellence for every student, every day. 


Powhatan Elementary School will provide every student with the highest quality, 21st century education in a safe, secure, and positive environment that is conducive to high levels of teaching, learning and student engagement. As a result, our students will be globally competitive and prepared for their chosen college and/or career path.


  • ALL children can learn, and it is our responsibility to do whatever it takes to ensure that all children meet the standards for learning set by the school, county, and state.
  • We are in the business of learning, not teaching. Failure is not an option. We need to be committed to doing whatever is necessary to help every child succeed.
  • When people work together it benefits both students and staff.
  • Learning should be interactive, engaging and meaningful with real world, authentic connections.
  • Learning should be fun (coming to work should be fun!)
  • All people should be treated with respect at all times.

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